Professional Shower Tiling and Grouting

Tile Regrouting Offers An Affordable Bathroom Makeover

When you want an affordable and fast makeover for your bathroom, then tile regrouting is the best solution. Old, cracked or missing grout doesn’t give a good feel to your bathroom, making it look outdated and unkempt. Renovating your entire bathroom however, can be time consuming and expensive.

On the other hand, if you opt for tile regrouting, instead of a full renovation, you will rejuvenate your bathroom and give it a new lease on life without spending a fortune. Don’t forget to check that the underlying waterproof barrier is still intact however, as well as the sealant, because it won’t do you any good to regrout the tiles, if you ignore these other issues.

Bring new life to your shower, with a simple facelift.

Tile regrouting brings life back to your bathroom

Over time, grout can become dirty, grimy and mouldy, and it can be next to impossible to keep it clean. Grimy grout encourages bacteria and mould to grow, making it even more unsightly and unhealthy; the only real solution is to replace the grout.

This isn’t such a bad idea, because you can replace the grout with a more updated colour, giving your bathroom a more modern look at a fraction of the cost of a total makeover. The specialised team at Shower Restoration will remove all of the old grout from between the tiles, clean the grout lines and then regrout using the colour of your choice. To achieve a professional finish, we use specialized tile regrouting tools that quickly removes the grout and cleans the spaces between the tiles, making it ready to receive the new grout.

Do you need a new waterproof barrier?

A waterproof barrier would have been installed in your bathroom when the house was built or if it has been renovated since that time. This barrier prevents water from the shower leaking into the walls, floor and even the ceiling below the bathroom (if it’s located on an upper floor). The integrity of this waterproof barrier is essential to prevent water leaks and if it is broken, water damage will be quick to follow.

The problem is that these waterproof barriers deteriorate over time, often due to age, but also because of temperature fluctuations or even movement of the building as it settles. When the integrity of the waterproofing has been undermined, any moisture that leaks from your shower can easily result in the growth of mould, warped and rotted timbers, and a musty smell in your bathroom.

Our specialised tile regrouting service ensures that this waterproof barrier has not been undermined and if there is a problem, we can repair it and fix any existing leaks.

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